Welcome to Blue Sky Chinooks.

Follow the adventure on our Facebook page, Blue Sky Chinooks. Look for updates as well as photos. If you’d like to be included in our group emails detailing what’s happening with Sky from stage to stage, please email at [email protected]zon.net

Previous Litter

Because Chinooks are a rare dog and such wonderful companions, I agreed to keep Sky open  for breeding. Her first litter was born in December of 2014. 7  healthy puppies. You can check out their Facebook page at Season’s Greeter’s Litter. They’ve all gone to their forever homes and are living very happy lives. We still get updates and photos.

The true desire to help the breed continue on has led me to begin my own kennel. Meet a Chinook in person and you’ll know what I mean. Speak to an owner, you’ll see it in their eyes.

This is a very special dog.
Join the adventure!

So, Blue Sky Chinooks was born.