About Me

I fell in love with a captivating photo. A beautiful dog in the snow, in the midst of a forest. Her expression soft, appearance regal.

This one caught my attention. A GreatMountain dog. A Chinook. I’d spent months researching different breeds of dogs on the hopes of finding a companion. One who could be with me all day, a dog that loved children and people and long car rides to Maine.


The words that described the Chinook in the breed description: Alert. Friendly. Dignified. Intelligent. Everything I’d hoped for. I met the actual dog in the photo, as well as it’s pack, shortly after. It was love all over again, on 2nd sight.

Then came Sky.
Daybreak GreatMtn Downeast Sky. A sweet, goofy, happy, gorgeous puppy. She adjusted very well to constant interaction with people and long car rides. She loved my friends, the mailman, my Mom, who has never really been a dog person.  And kids, Oh my goodness, she can’t get enough of them.She’s become much more than a pet companion. There isn’t a day that goes by that she doesn’t make me smile. She loves being outside and though we haven’t taken the opportunity yet, to get her behind a sled, those days are coming.

Because Chinooks are a rare dog and such wonderful companions, I agreed to keep Sky open  for breeding. Her first litter was born in December of 2014. 7  healthy puppies. You can check out their Facebook page at Season’s Greeter’s Litter. They’ve all gone to their forever homes and are living very happy lives. We still get updates and photos.

One litter was not enough and the true desire to help the breed continue on has led me to begin my own kennel. Meet a Chinook in person and you’ll know what I mean. Speak to an owner, you’ll see it in their eyes. This is a very special dog.

Join the adventure!
So, Blue Sky Chinooks was born.

Blue Sky Chinooks.
Inspired, quite literally, by the Blue Sky. I’ve always loved looking up. Watching sunrises and sunsets and every stage in between. Living in the moment between color changes. Our logo and cover photo was taken by my Dad in 1966, off the back of a tugboat, just off the coast of Kodiak Island, Alaska. The sky, moon, snow and mountains makes me imagine there must be a perfect trail there with Chinooks pulling a sled, fast into the landscape.

Welcome to Blue Sky Chinooks!

Feel free to contact me anytime via email: [email protected]
Check out our Facebook Page:  Blue Sky Chinooks

Cindy Mattson
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