So, you’re taking the next step towards bringing a Chinook puppy into your home. 

Exciting!! We’re excited too.

Before we get too far, here are some things you should be aware of.

1) Submitting an application does not guarantee that a Chinook puppy from this litter will be placed with your family

2) Adopting a puppy is a huge decision and a lifetime commitment. We take that very seriously.
Puppy owners are required to keep in contact with the us for the lifetime of their Chinook dog. We’re here to answer any questions and concerns.
I always say Sky got a forever home with me and I got a forever “family” within the Chinook community with her.
Win Win!!

3) Puppies will not, under any circumstances, be shipped as cargo. The new puppy owner ( or their agent) must take possession of the puppy in person. If traveling
via plane, the pup goes on the plane, etc with you, as carry on.

4) Since Chinook dogs are extremely rare and puppies are very limited, if you are not chosen this time as an new owner, we’d be happy to refer you to other Chinook
breeders with upcoming litters.
I waited a little over a year to get Sky. Long waits are not uncommon, but totally worth it.

5) We require all potential puppy owners, to meet with us, or someone we know in your area, for a face to face visit with a Chinook and it’s owner.
( You’ll love it!)

We have a rather long application that we’d like you to fill out. We’re best trying to get to know you and the home that a potential puppy
will be going to. Please answer honestly, as it’s so important to think each question through. We’ll do our part on this end to answer any question or concern you may
have. The ultimate goal is to place the right puppy in the right forever home, so that everyone lives happily ever after. These questions help us determine what sort of an atmosphere
the pup will have at home. Busy families with children do better with very outgoing puppies, Quieter households will do better with a less active pup, etc..


PLEASE NOTE: A successful form will redirect to a new SUCCESS page. If you do not redirect, you have missed required questions. Thank you.

Application form

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I expect to keep in contact with you for at least the lifetime of your Chinook, and will always be available if you have questions or concerns about your dog.  New owners are required to sign a contract prior to receipt of the puppy that specifies required health tests, mutual obligations concerning the pup, etc.

Please provide contact info for the references.

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Cindy Mattson
328 Cambridge Street
Burlington, Ma 01803


or email [email protected]